Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another Tuesday

Wow - that last blog really threw me for a doozy.
Here it is already 2 weeks later and I'm not quite sure what happened.
Work has really gotten crazy and I seem to run out of hours once I get home to post anything.
Not wanting to neglect my faithful following (ahahahahahah), and having too much to write but not much to say, I thought I'd post something quick for your viewivnccccg (<---Oscar just typed that) pleasure:

A small assortment of the socks I have made recently, since that is what I have been obsessing over lately:
The two on the outside are nice-n-cheap wool ease, the middle one is cascade 220 wool (purrrrrgrrrrrrrrrr) left-over from last year's xmas present to mom.

Oscar seems to really like my socks too:


Can I have my sock back?

too speedy to capture on film! (or...I need to figure out how to adjust the shutter speed)

with those claws, I think I need to make him a pair of little socks of his own

Then he could be this happy all the time!
Peace out....


Lee said...

I am one of your loyal readers. I luv it! I feel very connected. Lisa B

...S said...

Yey! you are the only one! I'm double-ly committed now to giving you your money's worth, which is..uh...nothing...so...uh..how does that work?