Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wandering through the old hard drive

I don't know what it is about me, blogs and Tuesdays, but that just seems to be the day I get to thinking about the fact that I need to update the world on what's clanking around inside my brain.

When I started the blog, I had so much stuff rolling around up there, I had to take notes on stuff so I wouldn't forget that I wanted to blog about it.

I still have a bunch of stuff up there, but since I have so little time right now to write, when I DO actually find some time to write, I have a hard time figuring out what to write about. The old Mark Twain problem of "I wanted to write you a short letter, but I didn't have time so I wrote you a long one instead". I feel like if I only get to throw something out into the ether once or twice a week, I'd like to make a stab at having it be worthwhile stuff.
THEN there is the problem of having photos to go along with it. actual, RELEVANT photos, I mean, that complement the theme of the blog.

This is proving to be really difficult for me. I just haven't gotten comfortable with dragging my camera around with me everywhere to capture all my life's moments to share with y'all here.

There are a few reasons for this:
1. I'm still trying to figure out how to work that darn SLR that my KiSA was so generous to gift me a few birthdays ago.

2. I already haul so much junk around I can't see how I can fit one more little thing (plus that other little thing that goes with it, AND the extra lens, AND the charger AND the manual-see reason#1 for why I still need to haul around the manual.)

3. I may have to come to terms that a lot of my life's moments involve me sitting in a little grey cube, in a little grey box inside a bigger gray box in the middle of Michigan, staring at my computer and trying to figure out why the IT people keep sending me stupid duplicate help desk tickets. and
4. Who has time to take pictures (not to mention, EDIT them!) when I barely have time to write a blog?!

NOWWWWWWW......If I owned a knitting shop in Paris, and sipped lattes at the corner cafe on my lunch hour, I'm sure I'd have plenty of reason to tote my cute little hand-knit camera bag around to photograph all the latest designs and projects I was working on. Like these fabulous beauties!

(Ack! uhm..see REASON #1 to explain THIS picture)

but.... I don't.

If I owned my sheep, alpaca and chicken farm in a quaint remote region of Ireland, I could sling my camera over my shoulder as I rode my horse around taking photos of all the breathtaking panoramic views and the quaint old buildings on the farm ...

but again..no.
And while I work on a bunch of projects (though definitely NOT in Paris) I'm finding it's really hard to photograph them well (plus I'll need more equipment to haul around and another manual)
AND though I see lots of cool old quaint buildings and panoramic vistas on my way to work, you really shouldn't stop the car on the side of the interstate and wade through the weeds to take pictures of those quaint old buildings and panoramic views, nor attempt to photograph them with your camera phone while you are driving (for reference pics when you decide to finally learn how to paint in watercolor) Just trust me on how I know this, ok?

Soooo, what I decided to do today (for my ADD self and all the rest of my faithful fan base who can't manage to get through a whole boring ole' blog without at least a FEW pictures) is go through a few of my OLD photos and use today's blog as an excuse to post them! Photos that, while cute, just didn't make the cut of "fabulous" and "breathtaking" etc. when I took them oh so many moons ago.

This one is my buddy in the thick of one of his favorite things...heavy weapons re-creation fighting. Note the historically accurate use of duct tape on his garage-sale-swat-team-cum knight helmet.

This is a friend's son and gi-normous mastiff puppy having a snooze together on a Saturday afternoon.

My buddy at 'fair' a couple of years ago, with all the really important fair paraphenalia: a cowboy hat and a giant coke.

Hope you aren't too disappointed with this little trip down my old harddrive.
I could just post more of this...
And none of us wants that, now...right?

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