Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First things first

S.C. reminded me of that today. I realize I'm never going to become a famous writer. At least not if I never get up enough motivation to actually START a blog. I don't even know if I want to be a famous writer. I've spent YEARS avoiding writing things down purposefully. I still have a letter I wrote to my parents when I was visiting my grandparents in 1979 and never finished.

I've spent years with so much stuff in my head it comes out in ways I couldn't anticipate and usually it is acccompanied by the need for lots of kleenex. I've tried writing in a journal, but then I misplace the journal and the thought is lost, and I get writer's cramp when I use a pen for too long.

so here it. The first post of my first (sort of) blog. Hopefully I won't misplace my computer.


Brian said...

you make me smile. :) P.

Carol said...

yey, good for you! my girlfriend got her blog up and going recently and is urging me to do the same. something in the air. keep on writing!

Tammy said...

I keep popping in to read more - keep it coming - looks like lots of fun, interesting, adventurous, wacky, and zany stuff to read and learn and smile about.