Sunday, July 27, 2008

Do these stillettos come with removable footbeds?

This has become, reluctantly, my new mantra...Not because I'm crazy about removable footbeds, but because I'm being forceably dragged into sensible, customizable footwear by my myriad doctors- kicking and screaming along the way.

(heavy sigh)

I LOVE cute shoes. love love love love LOVE them. I have always loved fashion footwear. Here's proof:

However, due to circumstances that I can no longer avoid, deny or fanagle with, I was dragged out to the mall recently to try and find new shoes that could accomodate my forthcoming (dreaded) orthotic. When inquiring about the aforementioned shoes with removable footbeds, I was directed to THIS monstrosity (seriously!) by the well-meaning (more like mean-spirited) college punk who worked there:


I can't say it was THIS one specifically, but you get the idea. It was horrible.

After a complete and utter breakdown in the middle of the mall, my Knight in Shining Armor took me to a completely different store and a nice young lady who complemented me on my Original Wearable Art necklace showed me some other shoes that were a little more to my liking:

I love you and your orthopedically friendly footwear. I'll be back next paycheck...wait for me.

Now....would you consider making them in a stilletto option?

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