Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Easy come, easy go

Maybe I have a genetic disposition to having a guilty conscience, but when I got an IM from my Executive-in-Charge late yesterday morning, I have to admit my heart skipped a few beats.

Relax......I told myself. I haven't done anything to warrant any sort of bad meeting, even if I did walk in on his meeting by mistake this am.

Maybe he just wants to talk about how the new Eloqua project is working out now that we are getting ready to get it going (2 months behind schedule and still not working as promised, but not my fault).

Maybe he just wants to chat? last time one of my managers called me down to a conference room, he just wanted an evaluation on my other manager


Unfortunately, my gut instinct was right this time.

Events that followed were sort of in slow motion and still not fully comprehended or digested...

".......company not meeting budget goals.....60 people are being cut.......no reflection on the work you've done.......you can leave right after this meeting....your stuff will be packed up and sent to your home.... please sign and return the severance agreement......"

Less than an hour later, I was at home, and unemployed, nine days before Christmas.

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Tammy said...


Zondervan is hiring - just so you know. I think you might have to go through the agency they use, Express Personnel Services. Only for selfish reasons of course; would love to have you back here. You could join my carpool!

I wish you wonderful, relaxing and fulfilling free time while you have it. I am sure with you and your qualifications, it won't last too long before you are working at an awesome job again, wishing you would have just made one more necklace or knitted one more pair of socks!